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The use of ion mobility mass spectrometry to assist protein design: Go to our Instructions for using Copyright Clearance Center page for details.

Case study o fold

You need to be able to detail the ways in which the Andes are used — farming, hydroelectric power, mining, tourism and how people adapt to limited communications, steep relief, and poor soils.

See key word list for words in bold below: Many subsistence farmers grow a variety of crops on the steep slopes. They adapt by using terraces.


These flat areas retain water and stop the soil moving downslope. Most crops are grown in the lower valleys, some cash crops crops grown to sell such as soya beans, rice and cotton are grown.

Case study o fold

Peruvian farmers using terraces. The steep slopes and narrow valleys are ideal for HEP as they can be dammed and the rapid flow of water ensures the generation of electricity. Melting snow provides a surplus of water, but this varies throughout the year.

The Andes has a range of important minerals tin, silver and gold. More than half of Perus exports are from mining in the Andes. The Yanacocha gold mine is the largest in the world, however it causes water pollution as the rock must be sprayed with cyanide.

The nearby towns have grown in size due to the mining but this also brings problems such as lack of services and crime. There are many natural attractions in the Andes such as mountain peaks, volcanoes, glaciers and lakes. Attractions such as Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail attract many tourists.

A popular tourist spot. Llamas are used as pack animals to reach inaccessible areas. Study Figure 2 on the insert, photographs of how people use fold mountains. Uses are likely to be farming, hep, mining and tourism. This exam question will be levelled marked, this is what you have to do to get the top level: Photographs are used to describe uses and linked to case study.

Statements are logically ordered and linked. Detailed reference to specific case study. There are many resources of gold, silver and tin in the Andes. The Yanacocha gold mine is opencast like in the picture.

Case study o fold

Fold mountain areas suffer from limited communications, steep slopes and poor soils. Describe how people have coped with one or more of these problems. This question is level marked: Level 1 Basic marks: Statements are general in a random order.

It is very cold in high mountainous areas. The slopes are very steep. Farming is difficult as is travelling about. Level 2 Clear marks:Learn geography case study with free interactive flashcards.

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