Dance flexibility and strength essay

This means they increase your heart rate, improve cardiovascular health and contribute to overall fitness.

Dance flexibility and strength essay

Flexibility is needed to perform everyday activities with relative ease.

Dance flexibility and strength essay

To get out of bed, lift children, or sweep the floor, we need flexibility. Flexibility tends to deteriorate with age, often due to a sedentary lifestyle. Without adequate flexibility, daily activities become more difficult to perform.

Over time, we create body movements and posture habits that can lead to reduced mobility of joints and compromised body positions. Staying active and stretching regularly help prevent this loss of mobility, which ensures independence as we age. Being flexible significantly reduces the chance of experiencing occasional and chronic back pain.

Improved flexibility may enhance performance in aerobic training and muscular conditioning as well as in sport. There is scientific evidence that the incidence of injury decreases when people include flexibility training in their routines due to the enhanced ability to move unimpeded through a wider ROM.

The only exception to this would be when there is an excessive or unstable ROM, which may increase the likelihood of injury. When used appropriately, flexibility training allows clients to become more in tune with their body.

It is a form of active relaxation that can improve both mental and physical recovery. Once the workout is complete, clients can focus on relaxation and rejuvenation of mind and body. After pushing the body to work hard, it is time to encourage recovery.

This is an excellent time for flexibility training because the muscles are warm and pliable, allowing them to stretch farther. Following are some of the major benefits of flexibility training: Proper posture minimizes stress and maximizes the strength of all joint movements.

As with all other components of the workout, flexibility training should be based on the FITT formula see chapter 4. The following sections examine each component of the FITT formula more closely as it relates to flexibility.

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Frequency of Flexibility Training Stretching should be included after every workout to encourage improvement and maintain overall flexibility. Intensity of Flexibility Training Stretching should never be painful.

The focus should be on bringing the muscle to a point of slight tension. Encourage clients to continue their breathing pattern throughout the stretch. Duration of Flexibility Training The length of the flexibility component depends on the needs and motivation of the client.

In most cases, flexibility training should last at least 5 to 10 minutes.Flexibility. We all secretly hope we'll wake up one morning and be freakishly flexible.

Flexibility expert, Stacey Nemour, is also known as a "miracle worker" when it comes to flexibility. Stacey has worked with people in various fields on how to improve their flexibility that will help them specifically in their field.

Stacey created a specific order of stretches, methods and. Express and embrace your feminine side. pole dance lessons are offered as well as pole parties. Pole Dancing is the new and fun way to get fit.

Express and embrace your feminine side. pole dance lessons are offered as well as pole parties. Dance.

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Fitness and Health. Health Care in Exercise and Sport. Athletic Training/Therapy. The importance and purpose of flexibility This is an excerpt from Foundations Proper posture minimizes stress and maximizes the strength of all joint movements.

development of muscular strength and flexibility Influence of Pilates training on muscular strength and flexibility in dancers Tânia Patrícia Amorim 1 develop muscular strength and flexibility in dance students.

Dance flexibility and strength essay

Methods Subjects Fifteen dance students, 12 women and 3 men. to bulky muscles and lost flexibility.

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However, there is little evidence to support this notion. of the strength, power, anthropometric, or dance measures. This indicates that six weeks of dance classes and rehears-als alone was not enough to improve strength, power, or. Flexibility Essay; Flexibility Essay. of Strength and Felixibility to a Dancer Both flexibility and strength are needed to perform a dance to its full potential, and a dancer should always be trying to improve their own flexibility and strength.

athletes require strength, flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic training in order to improve.

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