Empathy belly

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Empathy belly

Students had no idea that carrying a fetus was such hard work…There was considerable embarrassment at the idea of having one's body image change so drastically, and it generated much talk about how uncool it would be to get pregnant.

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It was interesting that females wanted to see the less sensitive males in the class wear the belly, which opened up a completely different avenue for discussion. This was an excellent adjunct to approaching the topic of childbearing as well as decision making.

I highly recommend the us of The Empathy Belly as a highly effective teaching tool! I think that this would be a marvelous resource to use in sexuality education via the schools' health or life skills courses for teenagers.


There is no substitute for actually feeling what goes on during a pregnancy, and this gives enough of a glimpse that young men may wake up to their role a little bit more because of it. I am enthusiastic and excited about the thought provoking responses and insights hat the wearing of The Empathy Belly created in these situations.

It was especially amazing to see the changes in the males' perspective and the improved communication.

Empathy belly

Based on their feedback, I believe the Empathy Belly is one of the most effective teaching methods we use at Planned Parenthood. Here are some sample quotes from the students: I hope others got the same point I did.To show engineer’s what it’s like to be pregnant, Ford’s “empathy belly” suit adds about 30 pounds and includes features that impede mobility and comfort, like a compression belt to restrict the lungs, weight and water bags to simulate a fetus’ head pushing on the bladder and lead balls simulating fetus limbs.


The empathy belly instructions are adamant that you shouldn't bend down without squatting; I didn't want to test my luck. As I lifted her, other than a brief puzzled glance, Isabelle didn't even seem to notice my misshapen body, which was a big relief. The RealCare® Pregnancy Profile® Simulator replicates the third trimester of pregnancy. Instructors use this educational tool with males and females in pregnancy prevention programs, family and consumer sciences, child development and health classes, childbirth, prenatal and parenting classes, health occupations and child care . DIY Pregnancy: Make an empathy bump. Women at a healthy weight should gain 25 to 35 pregnancy pounds. Help your mate understand how that feels. Step 1: Grab a backpack. Step 2: Add a baby doll. Step 3: Add 8 pounds for baby weight. Step 4: Add a placenta, and pounds for placenta weight.

Dian's Child Development students had the opportunity to wear the Empathy Belly recently, before the semester ended. "The Empathy Belly" Pregnancy Simulator allows the students to feel what it's like to be pregnant and has proven to be a highly effective, unique, and powerful teaching tool.

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"While many of the changes that women may experience in pregnancy are physical, some are also emotional, and the 'empathy belly' can't simulate that, but it does make an effort." To wit.

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The Empathy Belly (Large) | Obstetrics | This unique pregnancy simulator will allow both female and male wearers to experience first hand over 20 symptoms and effects of being pregnant. Through the use of a rib belt and the strategic positioning of various weighted components the Empathy Be.

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