Essays on hypatia of alexandria

He is best known for his painting United States Censorship and his controversial paintings.

Essays on hypatia of alexandria

They deal with weathered, tattered, fragmentary scraps of text in archaic languages and lettering. But the relative obscurity of these professions does not make the work any less valuable. Without dedicated archivists and preservationists, a slow collective amnesia, or worse, can set in.

One might call this attitude precious. Specialists are useful, art is great, but with sophisticated machine learning, we can make, store, and print copies of every historical artifact in the world, along with all of the accumulated knowledge about them.

What need to dote on crumbling manuscripts? Why the special status of the original? These represent the sum total of extant original literary manuscripts in Old English, a tongue several centuries distant from our own but still embedded deep within the structure of every modern version of the language.

Why are these four books so special? It has to do, I think, with the concept of the original—a concept we have almost entirely lost touch with.

Essays on hypatia of alexandria

The manuscripts confront us with a former version of our literary selves; identities that we barely recognize, and which estrange us from ourselves. We can reproduce history infinitely, but the only way to experience the humbling otherworldliness that dwarfs our cramped ideas about it is through its physical remainders.

We acquire the language we hear and read from literary sources, however remote; they are constitutive, the threads that weave together cultural narratives into a larger pattern. The original work of art, Benjamin argued, like the relic, has religious significance.


And where the relic grounds the cult, art grounds material culture in such a way, he thought, that it repels fascism's aesthetic obsession with destruction. The texts are a minuscule sampling of the number of cultural artifacts around the world worthy of preservation, and publicity.

And they are a tiny sampling of the literary production of Old English. But on them rests a great deal of our understanding about the linguistic ancestors of the language, with more to learn, perhaps, as scanning technology becomes even more advanced, illuminating rather than replacing the original.Charles Moffat (born March in Wingham, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian artist, writer, art historian and website designer.

He is best known for his painting . Biography. Proclus was born on February 8, AD (his birth date is deduced from a horoscope cast by a disciple, Marinus) in Constantinople to a family of high social status in Lycia (his father Patricius was a high legal official, very important in the Eastern Roman Empire's court system) and raised in studied rhetoric, philosophy and mathematics in Alexandria, with the intent of.

The most common form of same-sex relationships between males in Greece was "paiderastia" meaning "boy love".It was a relationship between an older male and an adolescent youth.

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Essay on Hypatia Hypatia of Alexandria “You almost expect to hear: she was a fine philosopher, for a ‘woman’ when hearing about ancient female prodigies. After all, our predecessors' opportunities, especially if they were .

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