Introduction to cross cultural psychology essay

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Introduction to cross cultural psychology essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. As there are many cultures throughout the world and each one is unique in their ways of living and understanding, it is important to conduct research to learn and understand these various cultures.

Cross-cultural psychology is a subfield in psychology where similarities and differences between cultures are studied to accomplish a better understanding of various cultures, as well as the people within those cultures.

Introduction to cross cultural psychology essay

The purpose of this paper is to provide a definition and an example of cultural and cross-cultural psychology utilizing a case study, to analyze the relationship between cultural and cross-cultural psychology. The paper will discuss the methodology associated with cross-cultural research; discuss how the case study helps to better understand how ethnicity, race, and worldviews are separate yet related concepts as well as to discuss how enculturation may play a role in the case study.

The chosen study of this paper is: Overview of the case study Music has a way of moving people. Every culture has its own sounds. Music and dance express emotion, pass on knowledge, and present moral values and sexual identity.

The Masai Tribe sings together where each member has their place and voice. Music keeps their memories and the visions they have of the world. Music has a spiritual influence on the tribe and brings them closer to those they have loved and lost as well as those present. Fisherman from the Coast of Mauritania use music to keep in rhythm in order to work as a team and get the job done.

Another culture uses music and dance as a mating ritual. Music is universal to the world. Music from various cultures has many different meanings which show the cross-cultural diversity of the meanings behind each cultures music and rhythms. While music is the universal link between cultures, its meanings, importance, and styles are extremely different.

Cross-cultural psychology focuses on the similarities as well as differences that music has on many cultures. Music, like cross-cultural psychology, is not culture-specific, it is universal as it seeks to understand as well as learn the limitations of each culture. American music, although extremely different in its form from the Masai Tribe music, it is similar in its way of affecting people.

Methodology Associated with Cross-cultural Research Cross-cultural research tests the cultural parameters of psychological knowledge. Cultural psychologists have their own vocabulary for talking about universal and culture-specific psychological processes such as etics and emics.

Cultural research in the United States is emic; however, emic studies are cross-cultural when they take into account other cultures. Researchers must ensure that one culture can be applied to other cultures before they can establish a basis for theoretical comparisons.

Music can be applied to many cultures, with each having their own distinct meanings. Understanding how ethnicity, race, and worldviews are separate yet related concepts in the world of music Music is universal; it has a way of bringing all ethnicities, races, and worldviews together.

Music is in all aspects of life. Music is played at funerals, weddings, and gatherings. Music connects the world to the sacred world as well Films on Demand, Many rituals include some type of music.

Some cultures such as the fishermen from the Coast of Mauritania believe the song they sing in unison gives them the strength to pull in their nets.

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It can bring sadness, joy, and excitement. Music reminds one where they have been or where they are going. While there are many cultures, countries, religions, and people that differ greatly, a common thread they all share is the music. Music does not discriminate against any ethnicity, race or worldview.

Enculturation Enculturation is a process in which one learns the traditional ways of the culture and assimilates its practices and values. Therefore, as music is passed from one generation to another, one learns the ways in which music is used in their particular culture.

Every culture has a custom that revolve around music.Introduction to Cross-cultural Psychology What is culture? Culture is a particular society at a particular time and the knowledge and values shared by that society and psychology is the science of mental life.

Therefore, it goes without saying that cultural psychology is the science of mental life in a particular society at a particular time.

Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology PaperWrite a 1, to 1,word paper in which you analyze cross-cultural psychology. As a part of your analysis, do the following:Provide an overview of the case study. Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology Culture plays an important part in one’s life as it relates to the field of psychology.

Culture enables one to define him or herself and differ from one to another, and helps one survive. Introduction to Cross-cultural Psychology PaperAs personality is a relatively enduring set of personal traits and unique characteristics, so culture is a lasting set of attitudes, behaviors, and symbols held collectively by a particular subset of peopl.

Cross-Cultural Psychology Culture, we all have grown up knowing one, or at times more than one, kind of culture. Everyone has different beliefs and ways of doing things and this usually has to do with our culture and the way we have been raised and brought up.

This type of psychology looks into. Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology Paper December 2, Choose one of the case studies provided in the Electronic Reserve Readings for Week 1, please do not choose a video, choose one of the Journal Articles provided.

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