Media studies audience profile

So do the relatively recent additions of sports talk radio and pop culture talk radio with several specific differences indigenous to these formats. These spoken-word genres also deliver attentive and highly desirable audiences that consume foreground radio with passion and attention. The publication is also in the process of developing research to be able to provide specific audience analysis for urban talk radio which will debut in the near future. It is a tough time for radio to be saddled with an unstable system of estimating audiences while internet media serves up hard numbers.

Media studies audience profile

To gain a better knowledge and understanding of my target audience, I have put together a profile of who I am targeting my short film at.

Media studies audience profile

I have created this profile from the results of the questionnaire that I created. Aiming my film at both genders also means that I have a much larger target audience of people to watch my film, and also give me opinions on my ideas for feedback.

The age that my film is going to be targeted at is young people, I have decided on this because from the questionnaire that I did, most people that were young said that their favourite genre film was thriller and most older people said it was something different, for example drama and action.

I also feel that aiming my short film at young adults helps me a lot as I know many young adults that I will be able to get feedback from to try and make my film as good as it possibly can be.

The social class target for my film will more than likely be working class people. This is due to the fact that the characters in the film will be working class and it will therefore appeal to working class people as they may feel as though they are able to relate to the characters in the film.

Making this target profile for the audience of my film has enabled me to create a specific group that I am aiming my short film at, which in the long run will hopefully enable me to pin point my film at certain people.Author biographies.

Media studies audience profile

Marleen te Walvaart is a PhD student and teaching assistant at the University of Antwerp in the department of communication studies. Within the Media, Policy and Culture research group her doctoral research studies and the integration of audiences from a television production studies perspective.

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lauren withers media studies. target audience profile. Demographics: My target audience will be male from the ages of They would be either single or in a relationship, as the magazine includes sexual advice in picking up women or for example how to keep your partner interested.

Typically the target audience would be straight as most of. How to Research and Locate Your Audience Using Social Media.

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by Rich Brooks / August 5, / 15 Comments. Share 3K. Tweet 6K. Pin 1K. Email. Buffer Simply search for people with a relevant term in their profile. Tips to research and locate your audience on social media. A2 Media Studies Blog Thursday, 16 September Target Audience Profile This post sees the formation of a Target Audience Profile; this is necessary in terms of creating an image and literary account of my potential target market.

Revised and updated with a special emphasis on innovations insocial media, the second edition of Media and Cultural Studies:Keyworks stands as the most popular and highly acclaimedanthology in the dynamic and multidisciplinary field of culturalstudies..

Features several new readings with a special emphasis on topicsrelating to new media, social networking, feminist media . Target Audience Profile My target audience are young women from 17 to 25, who want to have or already have a sophisticated and classy style without being able .

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