Notes on appeasement

Austria-Hungary collapsed by and the map of Europe was re-drawn with the creation of new states from the remains of the old.

Notes on appeasement

Germany Slide 4 — Anglo — German Act of revenge on part of previous warfare against Ethiopia Inferiority complex often shown by Italy as it had no Empire League put economic sanctions but did not shut the Suez Canal- showing they did not want to provoke Italy and Britain wants Italy as Ally Notes on appeasement Hitler Therefore there is a need for Appeasement, Britain and France were put to shame, angered Mussolini and therefore joins Hitler in taking over Austria.

Slide 5 — Re- Occupation of Rhineland Hitler sees world is distracted and takes the opportunity and invades Rhineland and re arms it. Gamble by Hitler — Army was not sent in just a few infantry.

Britain wants him to get away with it. Public opinion — Pacifist against war v no interest in foreign affairs This was last chance to stop Hitler. Communists and socialists vs. Fascists and right wing.

Slide Czechoslovakia Wanted to take back land that was originally German But part of little entente, so makes a seperatist movement e. What do you do? Empire a source of weakness, give commitments and responsibilities but not necessarily the strength to deal with those responsibility?

Possibility of an alliance system against Germany? Likliehood of provoking a war becomes increasingly more apparent Slide 14 — Defence Weaknesses Red.

Specifically look at defence requirements — 15yrs of cuts left britain with very small army, air force not good, navy only thing that was useful. Not useful on mainland Europe.

Slide 15 — Defence Weaknesses cont. Fear of German bombing was rife, need a strong air force. Even though not consistent but still at heart. Needed a modern defensive.

Could Britain plunge back into depression? Appeasement looks like a good idea now! Slide17 — European commitments Britain has too many commitments but not enough power to keep to them. External threats to the empire are possible so do not want to exhaust all resources on Germany.

Internal threats within the Empire are also rife.

Notes on appeasement

All hostile to any European entanglements. Fundamentally unreliable — change in govt every 6 months. Score points for more outrageous policy — score of political debate within UNI Some evidence of pacifism but not as strong as people believe.

Housing led to socialists being elected and nearly unseating current Mayor. Chamberlain confident public not enthusiastic about War.Peace to War (these revision notes were posted by Redruth School, Cornwall, in ) The Peace settlements of Europe had been drawn up into two armed camps by the beginning of the second decade of the Cth.

Peace to War (these revision notes were posted by Redruth School, Cornwall, in ) The Peace settlements of Europe had been drawn up into two armed camps by the beginning of the second decade of the Cth. Appeasement was the approach that European leaders took towards Hitler's aggression in terms of land acquisition.

Hitler's desire was to reappropriate lands that did not fall under the defined. While we strive to provide the most comprehensive notes for as many high school textbooks as possible, there are certainly going to be some that we miss.

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