Write an essay on personal disorganisation

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Write an essay on personal disorganisation

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Social Disorganization theory began around the late s. Social Disorganization refers to organizations and institutions failing in communities or neighborhoods, preventing these areas from overcoming the crime and issues of the day.

The social disorganization theory is a key component in the study of criminology. The effort is designed to address criminal activity and the variables that might predict undesired behavior within a community.

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According to Elliott and Merrill: Social organization refers to the way people relate themselves to one another. It also refers to the way in which person and groups making up a society are somehow held together.

Social organization and social structure are interchangeable concepts both referring to any interrelated system of role and statuses. Social disorganization implies some breakdown in the organization of society.

It is a relative phenomenon. Social organization and social disorganization is the dual aspects of the whole functioning of society. The social disorganization theory attributes crime and delinquency to communities where failing communal institutions, such as family, church, local government and schools, are found.

According to this theory, communal relationships reinforce positive behavior, a sense of community responsibility and concern for the social network within a close area. When these communal relationships are faulty or nonexistent, that social network loses a sense of organization and social responsibility, which can potentially lead to negative or even criminal behavior spreading through that neighborhood.

write an essay on personal disorganisation

Types of Social Disorganization: Types of social disorganization are as follow: Community disorganization Social disorganization is the theory that crime and dysfunctional behavior occur in societies for cultural, political and economic reasons. Established communities experience increases in crime when their way of life and the established order of how things are done changes.

Generally, social disorganization is caused by lack of personal control, community control and public control. When housing, means of transport and methods of communication rapidly change in a society, beliefs, attitudes and habits do not change as quickly.

Authority figures resist change and find it difficult to integrate the new circumstances into their lives.

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This lag can result in social disorganization and increased crime rates.1. What are the main views of your chosen theory? How is criminality explained under this theory?2. In what ways does your chosen theory explain the case study?

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Social Disorganization: Meaning, Characteristics and Causes

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All the elements discussed within the essay have a clear impact on the social disorganisation theory and the more of which are present in a community increases the likelihood of social disorganisation and delinquency (Shaw and McKay, ). The Social Disorganization Theory Criminology Essay. Social disorganization theory says that neighborhood structural factors (concentrated disadvantage and residential mobility) create a shortage of social capita that hinder the creation of informal social control (R.J.

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Racial Heterogeneity is the second element of the social disorganisation theory to be reveiwed; this notion is related to the diverseness of races within a society. The social disorganization theory proposes that crime occurs when the methods of social control are weakened (Sun, Triplett and Gainey, ).

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